Universal Plug & Play describes devices that work with a computer system as soon as they are connected. UPnP is an extension of this idea that expands the range of Plug and Play devices to networking equipment. Universal Plug and Play uses network protocols to allow a wide range of devices to be interconnected and work seamlessly with each other. [1] Since most UPnP devices support zero-configuration setup (like ordinary Plug and Play devices), it…

It seems that many projects come upon a need to perform some linear algebra maths. However, the a large number of the available libraries usually are huge with many unnecessary or system dependent functionalities or …they are not free. The following template class provides some basic linear algebra matrix operations such as +,-,* as well as find the determinant, the covariance matrix etc…


Operators overloading

Other Methods

Usually an application needs to save or retrieve data from windows registry. For this reason a registry manager class is required. The following code snippet provides a simple yet effective way for handling windows registry keys.

What is the right way to take screenshots using C#? It’s certainly possible to grab a screenshot using the .NET Framework. The following code snippet provides a C# class for capturing and saving screenshots.

We are often used to call methods dynamically. You can invoke methods of a class instance using reflection, doing a dynamic method invocation. The following code snipped presents an easy way of invocation in C#.

What is invocation? For a method invocation, the primary-expression of the invocation-expression must be a method group. The method group identifies the one method to invoke or the set of overloaded methods from which to choose a specific method…