Edge detection with a given direction using Matlab

The aim of this article is to detect the edges with a given direction in an image. To that end create a function [ E ] = oriented_edges( I, thr, a, da ) that takes as input a double grayscale image Ι, a threshold value thr, a direction a, and an angle da. The output of the function is a binary image Ε where the pixels that meet the following requirements should have the value 1:…

Principal Component Analysis using Matlab

PCA is a way of identifying patterns in data, and expressing the data in such a way as to highlight their similarities and differences. Below are the steps of the algorithm:

Step 1 – Initialize the dataset, 6 vectors of 32 sample data

Step 2 – Subtract the mean from each of the data dimensions. The mean subtracted is the average across each dimension. [math]Y= X – (O * Mean(X)) [/math], where [math]O…